WordPress has been around for a long time and dominates the web as 42% of the web is powered by WordPress. It&pos;s a highly flexible and customizable CMS that I have tinkered with every aspect of the WordPress ecosystem.

An Actual WordPress Developer

WordPress can get a bad reputation from being bloated and having a lot of people "claim" to be developers and then build a half-assed website using a site builder. It can be really difficult to sift through the thousands of marketing or "web development" agencies to see who is legit.

When I builds WordPress solutions or join a team, I am looking to build from the ground up and use as minimal plugins as possible. I take pride in the speed and code quality of every WordPress website project I'm in.

Some WordPress Development Services I offer:

  • custom plugin development
  • custom built from the ground up theme development
  • migrations to or from WordPress
  • building Block Editor (Gutenberg) blocks
  • optimization / website Audit.
  • agency training
  • headless WordPress development