Designing the story is a craft that connects the company‘s values, mission, and vision with their target audience. A brand is composed of two parts; Brand Image, (the skeleton and DNA of an idea) and Brand Identity (the physical appearance of an idea.)

Branding Goals

A successful brand needs to meet these seven goals:

  1. Emotions – What types of emotions do we want to establish with your clients?
  2. Desires – What desires will your firm satisfy for your clients?
  3. Differentiation – How can you stand out from other law firms?
  4. Trust – How can you establish trust in your law firm?
  5. Value – What are the core values of your firm? Do your clients share the same values?
  6. Connection – Law firms will want to connect with the outside world. How can your law firm share your clients’ emotions with the outside world?
  7. Belongingness – How can you connect and reflect your clients within your brand? You want your clients and community to feel like they are a part of your brand.

Below the my process I‘m constantly refining to meet the goals above.

Branding Process

  1. Discovery
  2. Research
    • Market Research
    • Company Research
  3. Brand Image / Strategy
    • Unique Selling Proposition
    • Mission Statement
    • Vision Statement
    • Values
    • Jungian Archetype / Positioning
  4. Brand Identity
    • Logo
    • Typography
    • Color Scheme
    • Complete Style Guide
  5. Story Telling